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Music by the Score is a mail order business selling sheet music, musical scores and books on Music For all Musicians.

Whether you are a professional musician, have a passing interest, or are a professional collector of musical and music ephemera, Music By The Score has a large catalogue, available to browse on our selling platform here.

At Music by the Score our musical items, sheet music and musical scores date from the 1800's to the present day, we literally have many thousands of musical items in stock.

We invite you to view or search our stock ranging from Victorian Songs and Music Hall and Song Sheets from each decade. In our catalogue, displayed on our selling platform, here you will find Music Scores for Piano, Organ, Guitar, Strings, Woodwind , Brass, Vocal Scores and more.

If you can't find what you want then feel free to Contact us by email or phone. We are here to help you.

Music by the Score will make pictures of the Musical stock item available, should they not be shown with the product in our music catalogue here.

All of Music by the Score’s music has been pre-owned and contains editions and pieces that are no longer in print. The condition of any musical product is always shown. Music by the Score never makes copies of any work, nor knowingly sell copies which are not authorised.

You can Search, Browse or Buy HERE

As well as the stock offered for sale on our site, we have many thousands of printed music items in store. Should you not find what you are requiring, then please CONTACT US so we can search our off line stock for your music requirements.

Sorry but we only sell online - not from premises.

Music by the Score is proud of our record and for giving excellent friendly and helpful service.

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